It is often a big step to go to a private healthcare professional - the NHS has been, and hopefully will continue to be the backbone of healthcare provision in the UK for years to come. Paying for something that you might hope would be provided by the NHS can be problematic - many GP's do not like to recommend private therapy because of the ethos of care being free at the point of delivery.

However the reality is that getting appropriate mental health care on the NHS has become difficult over recent times. Mental health services on the NHS have been cut back immensely. If you go to your GP for help with anxiety, depression or similar problems, you are likely to be referred to the Wellbeing Team, who do not offer counselling, but a form of CBT. Currently there is usually a thirteen week wait just for an assessment with the Wellbeing team (please see this link for more information), after which you are likely to have to wait further to see a therapist. Once you get to see a therapist, you will be allocated 4 half hour sessions, part of which will be taken up with completing a "CORE" document.

I always appreciate and take very seriously the fact that people pay me to help them. It is not something to be taken lightly. One way to look at paying for your own healthcare is that it is an investment in yourself.

Going private offers:

  • shorter waiting time to see me - usually within a fortnight
  • appointment times to suit you - early morning or evening appointment possible (depending on availability)
  • weekly, fortnightly, monthly appointments to fit your budget
  • therapy based around your needs and issues, rather than "one size fits all"
  • no forms to complete (apart from the one with your details for my records)

If you would like to discuss the benefits of private counselling, please call or email.